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asics tiger shoes Xuetie Dingchuan transdermal abs

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PostWysłany: Pon 2:55, 28 Lut 2011    Temat postu: asics tiger shoes Xuetie Dingchuan transdermal abs

,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]
Xuetie Dingchuan transdermal absorption of ointment

aneousabsorptionreagent, andPolyethyleneGlycol6000aases, ispreferable. KeywordsXuetieDingchuanPlaster; PercutaneousAbsorption; Magnolin; Azone treatment of different processing methods of fingerprint Tianma Zhu Jie Min Yong Yang Xiaodong Zhang Hongbin, (1. Yunnan Natural Medicine Center, Kunming, Yunnan 650091, China; 2. Red River College Department of Chemistry, Yunnan Mengzi 661100; 3. College of Pharmacy, Yunnan University, Yunnan Province, pharmaceutical innovation training base, Kunming, Yunnan 650091, China) Abstract Objective: To study the different processing methods used to identify the medicinal treatment of Tianma chromatographic fingerprint analysis method. Methods: HPLC with different processing methods were processed fingerprint Tianma medicine research, identifying the main peak in the chromatogram of the material structure; of different origin, different processing methods in processing medicinal herbs gastrodin Tianma content were compared, the establishment of a new method for determination of gastrodin. By AgilentExtendC. Column (250mm × 4.6mm, 5m) with acetonitrile -0.2% phosphoric acid solution as mobile phase, gradient elution, detection wavelength 221nm. This paper aims to Tianma medicines to provide a comprehensive idea of the quality control standards. Determination of gastrodin accurate, reliable results are stable, reproducible, can be used as quality control agents Tianma. Key words high performance liquid chromatography; processing; Gastrodia; gastrodin elata (Gastrodiaelata.) formerly Chijian, also known as Chijian Chi, Chi shaking alone, will wind grass, perennial, Department of parasitic orchids, medicinal its underground tubers, the main produced in Yunnan, Sichuan,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Guizhou, and Shaanxi. Li's Because there have been isolated from Gastrodia medicinal compounds, the highest content of gastrodin ... and therefore, Tianma herbs and their preparation products are gastrodin content indicators. TLC UV and TLC - phenol reagent colorimetry, TLC,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], HPLC and RP-efficient spectral beta 4 i fixed gastrodin content as the basis of their quality control. However, modern clinical and pharmacological studies have shown that Gastrodia elata and efficacy of herbs is a big difference; the same time, there are experiments show], Vanilla alcohol, HBA, and phenolic compounds in Gastrodia and others have biological activity, so herbs in the other components of Gastrodia changes that Gastrodia medicine and pharmacology to maximize use of available scientific evidence, while looking for a comprehensive quality control standards for control of Gastrodia medicine is very important. In this paper,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], high performance liquid chromatography, treated with different processing methods were studied medicine Tianma, to find a comprehensive quality control standards provide an idea. But also on different areas, different processing side of Chinese herbal medicines Vol 28 11 November 2005 medicines in the treatment of Gastrodia elata by HPLC were determined and compared changes in its content, the method is accurate, reliable results stable, reproducible, and can be used as quality control agents Tianma. 1 Apparatus and reagents Agilent1100 HPLC with variable wavelength UV detector and chromatography workstation; acetonitrile for chromatography pure; methanol HPLC grade; water distilled water for the second; Gastrodia Standard: purchased from the Biological Products The; three [4. Hydroxyl benzyl] citric acid ester, p-methanol, 1. E4. B. D. Glucopyranosyl oxygen benzyl] citric acid ester, 1,2 - bis [4-13. D. Glucopyranosyl oxygen benzyl] citric acid ester, 4 - hydroxy benzyl ether, p-formaldehyde, hydroxybenzyl ethyl ether, 4,4 '- dihydroxy diphenyl methane reference substance from Yunnan University,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], College of Pharmacy plant of the group to provide; Tianma medicine: from Zhaotong Technology Bureau. 2 Methods 2.1 Chromatographic conditions Column: AgilentExtend-C18 column (250mm × 4.6mm, 5m); mobile phase was 0.2% phosphoric acid (A) - acetonitrile (B), gradient elution: 0min100% A; 15min80% A; 45min0% A; flow rate of 1.0ml/min, column temperature was 40c 【=; detection wavelength: 221nm. Stop Time: 50min. 2.2 solution preparation Preparation of standard solution: Accurately weigh 3-1029 *
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