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asics tiger shoes Shuxuetong Xuesaitong were obser

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Shuxuetong were observed with Xuesaitong fleeting treatment of frequent ischemic attacks

4.801.78 ~ 0.175.10 ~ 0.78 in control group fried interactive §: Yi Kyu,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]!: Villa,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]! §: Main: Khon,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]!: Master Q: 12 = c: next main Q: §,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]! Note: The group before treatment △ P <O. 05, △ △ P <O. 01, after treatment compared with the control group, # P <0. Sun. 4 Department of Neurology discussion TIA is one of the common syndromes, and its incidence is mainly in the carotid artery and vertebral basilar artery atherosclerosis in a basis associated with arterial spasm, micro-thrombosis, blood components, and changes in blood viscosity TCM . Ju1.2O05, Vo1.22, NO. 4 and enhanced coagulation due 【3】 3. Had symptoms of a stroke does not rule out the possibility of positive action on the assessment and treatment interventions for patients, early treatment for the cause, the rapid control of TIA, to prevent the occurrence of cerebral infarction is the prevention and treatment of acute ischemic cerebrovascular disease an important principle. Shuxuetong injection mainly composed of leech, earthworm. Chinese medicine believes that leeches, taste salty, flat, with Poxue Zhuyu Tongluo functions; to Long, salty taste, cold, with blood stasis; a combination of both collaterals stasis complement each other. Modern medical studies have shown that leeches in the effects of thrombin inhibitor hirudin to prevent the action of thrombin on fibrinogen, inhibit blood clotting, reduce blood viscosity, dissolved the formed microthrombi; to the dragon in the active ingredients Lumbrokinase, can reduce fibrinogen, plasminogen activation, inhibition of platelet aggregation, prevent thrombosis [system. I applied Shuxuetong Injection TIA frequent clinical observation was found Shuxuetong significantly lower blood viscosity, reduce the role of fibrinogen, thus improving the high-viscosity properties of blood, effectively prevented the development into T the process of cerebral infarction. The basic cure rate of speed control TIA (68.7%) was significantly higher (17.9%). Not found in the treatment of significant toxicity, suggesting that the drug is safe, reliable and worthy of clinical use as soon as possible.
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