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Nike Dunks Low Diversified Poems II [Hamas Saddam

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Dołączył: 01 Kwi 2011
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PostWysłany: Wto 10:30, 03 Maj 2011    Temat postu: Nike Dunks Low Diversified Poems II [Hamas Saddam

They lived where blackened moons
Diversified Poems II
Is death within your hair?
#871 2/26/05
4) Saddam’s World
5) Said the Fly to the Spider
*868 9/23/05
In the glass―
And it smiles behind by me:
How foolish can 1 be.
Yet, such you claim. Thy morale cries
For a truce that could not last―
A demon with unchanging eyes,
So proven from thy memory with tireless sight,
Saw your unforgotten ways
Your visions, unholy, with not light
Of only irrecoverable death―
my cousin, in thonce and for all poem―
By and by…. I shan’t be your
foot steps
I stare at my face
Said the Spider to the Fly:
“Desire, lusts, appetites,” then
Shall I keep the dead approximately?
I know they re accustom of being die,
It is equitable I, I who dare
Not let go…
In alarm the memories may go
Melt away like ice cream
On a hot day…
At night I see at her urn―
In the Chinacabinet,
2) Hamas’ Spirit
What adore shall get up thy, besieged animal?
(And the fly, flew by―the age spider
witch, sticking out her tongue―
lip to Dennis' network site: Source:
(with a twinkle)
“I grew up, since you last ate
#869 9/05
What stirs your hate―one life namely done
To hateful for real tears!
#870 9/2005
She cornered the soft music
What god shall believe you fair?
Child of a line of demonic sons
1) Hamas Paradse
O face where Pale misty Roses stir,
Brought darkness,--(Saddam’s globe)
A monarchy in abysmal blaze
Where daily was filled with haze
And wish namely fills the center,
Ah [link widoczny dla zalogowanych]! ‘t is hard to believe
To meditation covered with your smile,
That you are made a baby of mourning,
In the warfare with Israel’s immediately exile:
“I have a gift as you today,”
3) Death and Ice Cream
of glass and wood
I sit and speak to her
My mind retrieving her
To take the madman from his throne―
So dreamt the sons of Iraq’s world
But disliked the conqueror who lifted
Their burden: accordingly, merely to actors an
Evil Spell shall their world be seeded?
With gloom and stellar glare
With dust upon their brain―
And love, that not was, ambition never
Be, in such one abysmal place.
As blooms in the Gaza Skies
The deathland gardens faint that are
Your dawn is Hell’s heaven!
Up high, ―!
Said the Fly, so very peaceful
Controlling out of wrath, and fear
Too soiled to know the hearts unrest
Dinner, nor die [link widoczny dla zalogowanych]!”

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