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Seoul had wealthy past history. Almost 2,000 years antecedent,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the space of the city developed into a town and was chosen as the capital of the Baekche Kingdom (18 B.C. ~ 660 1 of the 3 ancient states ashore the Korean peninusla. The Joseon Dynasty was founded in 1392. Its founding King, Yi SongGye, judged to make the place capital of the monarchy which is immediately shrieked Seoul . The King created Royal sanctuaries, palace architectures,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], as well as a fortified walls circling the capital. The administrative district of the capital was broken down into five inner-wall zones. The function of these areas was comparative to today's Gus (wards).
The Korean War played destruction with this capital city. The city was depressed to piles of debris. Seoul was able to recover the function of citizen capital later the Armistice Agreement saw.The administration gave it altitude precedence to reconstruct it into a modern metropolis. The Seoul Metropolitan Government was put beneath direct control of the Prime Minister beneath a special legislative measure enacted in 1962.. This doing qualified Seoul to develop into an autonomous government.
For more message almost Korea Capital visit:
Seoul is Korea’s capital city and its maximum populous city.Today's Seoul is home to almost 11 million human and encompasses 605.58 square kilometers. It represents over 24 percentage of the entire county's population. The Han River bisects the city into two parts, nothern and southern Seoul. Northern Seoul absolutes 298.04 §′ (49.2 %) while the southern portion is 307.73 §′ (50.8 %).
Seoul has convert so momentous for the nation that it successfully represents Korea’s affair, training, and modern mores. It too attempts wide scope of activities for everybody, including exhibits and palaces, parks and mountains, and recreation parks and night unions.
The air of Seoul namely temperate. It has 4 singular seasons of spring,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], summer, autumn and winter. The annual mean temperature of Seoul is 11.8 degrees C. Temperatures in Seoul tend to fluctuate a magnificent handle,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], reaching as lofty for 38.4 degrees C in the summer and dropping as low as -12.6 degrees C in the winter.
History shows that the population of Seoul remained close to 200,000 as nearly 200 years from the 1660's.However, the population began apt mushroom toward the end of the 19th centenary. The city received its 1st cosmopolitan touches with the beginning of the nation apt exotic powers and the prologue of foreign tasks in Seoul.
Seoul has been ranked within the most advanced capital cities in the globe. It has the glory of hosting the Asian Games in 1986 and the Olympiad in 1988 quite successfully. With the vast urbanization and industrialization of the city over the past 30 Years, Seoul in being growing into a prosperous and thriving city.
Soul has been divided into 25 “gu” alternatively defenses. Eight out of the 25 "gu" or wards have more than 500,000 residents. Songpa-gu has the biggest population of some 700,000. In contrast, Chung-ku has a population of only 176,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych],000. In the elapse 600 years since Seoul became the chief of the nation in 1394, the population of Seoul has grown 110 times.

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