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magasin abercrombie may not have had sulfur

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Ball off the cold extrusion process and die design

Fig. Extrusion die assembly of precision and accuracy of orientation is to ensure that high-cycle 3 Pre-module structure and down into the open j 1. I pressed on the screen cap 2. Obstruct the upper die 3. On the pad 4. Conical upper die 5. Stress on the die sets 6. Compression screw under the cup 7. Die holders 8. Support sets of 9. The top of the situation. Concave by l1. 12 sets under the arch stress, external yeah 13. Compression ring. 1 { rr-r-I c luxuriant in / / / goblet 1f. LL , precision extrusion of the key. Guided by four pillar die 3 chu 'circle forming the final touch with the structure of 4 1. Pull on the bottom 2. Rod bushing 3. Rod 4. Round nut 5. Block 6 on the die. On the pad 7. 8 ball on the model. Convex looper off 9. Upstairs stress sets lO. On the compression nut 11. Guide in l2. Guide sleeve l3. On the plate ¨. Under the plate l5. Under the floor 16. Introduction of pallet 17. Pallet pull express】 8. View nut l9. 【{Take the next compression creep 2O. The following model quinoline 21. Tree pad '22. The top of the pad 23. Under the pad 24. Release lever 25. Lifter 26. Point of the socket 27. Spherical lower die 28. Stress lower die sets 29. Outer ring 30. Compression tooling industry in 1990. No. 6 holes total I'12 polymorphisms of Sichuan side drawn Yichuan rubber mold in the Sanjiang Machinery Factory peptone Jin You imported auto parts in order to accelerate the process of localization, I imported a large plant commissioned developed shock absorber assembly carried by a truck a rubber metal parts (see Figure 1). Because the shape of the part structure of the complex and unique, so in the mold design, mold manufacturing, and products such as the process of curing has its particularity, now its brief as follows, Figure l workpiece Figure 1. Sleeve 2. Rubber body 3. Tadpole steel sleeve 4. Mandrel 5. Strengthen Cang a, products of complex geometry products, increased its turn making process and the guide sleeve to guide pillar diameter and length of 2 to 2.5 times the precision of a certain stop career oriented. The top and bottom four fixed guide post and guide sleeve of the mounting holes in the cutting process should ensure that shuttlecock shape and R-inch accuracy, this would effectively increase the pillar and the guide sleeve assembly accuracy. . Combined with two-story prestressed upper die and lower die for the three groups desktop. Methods used prestressed ring effectively and economically improve the bearing capacity of the mold, not to the rupture occurred Diao, thus improving the mold life. Conical upper die and upsetting extrusion die are on the second ring of spherical assemblies, tapered on the ball on the die and the die material Ctl2MO. Hardness HRC60 ~ 62, the outer ring is 5CrNiMo, hardness HRC42 ~ 46,christian louboutin sko, the punch pin material Crl2Mo, hardness HRC62 ~ 64} shrinking spherical extrusion die and lower die upsetting ring combinations are difficult, which is characterized : 1. Effective products reach a larger size turned 4,22 O × 6O mm. Both ends of the connection length of 349, so the mold shape, thickness of the large size. 2. There are 4 type of holes, two symmetrical semi-circular convex hole, and both ends of the boss's special shape, so the mold cavity part of the complex. 3. +2 Z0 forming a 4,16 diameter on one end of the hole, the other end forming two 8 × 25 square hole, so the mold design must consider the use of multi-type holes guillotine Pulling rubber die. 4. Products, bushings,ed hardy nederland, sleep outside the two pieces of steel sleeve to be as one with the rubber vulcanization, requiring tear strength> 40kg / 0 Ⅱ 1. , And the rubber inserts between the two joints must be uniform, may not have had sulfur, less sulfur, and other phenomena lack of subjects to ensure that the requirements of the service life of steel products. Second, the die structure design of the mold structure is shown in circle 2. Mold design should first consider the choice of positioning device. Mode 4 under the hole location as a center of positioning axis 7 can play to prevent foreign steel sleeve insert with the sleeve lead to a greater degree of the effect of different axes. Mode 4 under the two pins 4,22,ed hardy günstig,24 and in the mold 8, the processing of forming a mold l1, so you can ensure that the mold, the mold, lower mold concentricity. The outer steel sleeve with a diameter of the hole and two-step groove, it will be in the mold 8,magasin abercrombie, the hole location as a base outside the steel sleeve, both ends of the screw to take pieces of the die material W6Mo5Ct4V2. Hard Hawk is HRC58 ~ 60j Central and outer materials 5CrNiMo, hardness HRC42 ~ 46. If we shrink the ball under the die mold and made of split-type structure and use of hard alloy, the die life up to 2 million more than the IV Conclusion ball pin cold extrusion production practice over the years show that: The less advanced no cutting of the plastic processing method has the advantages of a large juvenile. Because the effect of work hardening to improve the part strength, fatigue life can be more than double the utilization rate of steel increased the original 42 to 89, saving a lot of material, reducing component costs,mulberry oslo, while improving production efficiency, has a good economy and social benefits of locking bolt, thus ensuring the outer steel sleeve with the sleeve of the coaxial tooling industry in 1990. No. 6 Total 112


ed hardy schweiz

Mulberry tasker [Qh TOWER mRT

mulberry helsinki

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