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Mulberry tasker

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Dołączył: 28 Kwi 2011
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PostWysłany: Wto 0:45, 24 Maj 2011    Temat postu: Mulberry tasker

Decorative pattern mold cavity and the main points of the production process

Design, manufacture plastic parts until the whole process of production, but also the lack of a systematic,abercrombie fitch uk, standardized operation of the process, so that mold factory in the production process of the mold the following problems occur,Mulberry tasker, leaving the plastic parts of high quality decorative pattern. (1) mold cavity used for processing the texture is not conducive to corrosion of steel. (2) the depth is not determined by the texture corresponding to the stripping slope. (3) a combination of multi-component plastic parts,mac cosmetics wholesale, plastic parts of the mold cavity of each with the same cast steel or cast a useful uniform heat treatment process for processing. (4) cavity repair welding of stainless steel welding or actinides. To achieve good decorative mold cavity pattern effect, it is necessary to determine the mold design and manufacture of a decorative texture processing in line with the requirements of process, product development to production runs through the whole process. Provided by the plastic products factory samples, after a decorative texture processing, plastic molding and mold manufacturing plant after the multi-party collaboration,tory burch uk, access to qualified plastic parts surface texture process shown in Figure 1. Texture processing flow mold cavity shown in Figure 2. After years of practice, the decorative pattern in the mold cavity has the following aspects of the production process should be emphasized: (1) mold cavity material for multiple plastic parts plastic parts combined into the texture effect. When the number of combinations of plastic parts assembled into a unit whose appearance often requires texture, color, luster, feel the same should be possible to achieve this end, in the manufacture of the mold parts, the choice of mold steel should have a uniform material,ed hardy mexico, no segregation and meta-directional, and use of Received It:】 1997 I texture 26 OEM factory l l l Qi-shaped cross-processing plant design departments with identification of genetic lining texture sample order Transverse steel steel pull production acceptance check take part cross-actinide sample processing technology with the same potato plant 『Yue Wang left the appearance of a model 11 ll Zhu Lan Zhu Feng Zhu L, if identified by the design department of the design department decorative texture to re-locate if the injection process through the management if the design department through the drums l- Identification of injection molding ---- ten designs 『1 璺 l If you do not set the mold into parts A through texture processing condition by the texture, cross-tools, forming plant status and parameters of that on the whole wide plastic than one _ - Figure I uniform surface texture produced forging process and heat treatment process. Die texture processing, its luster because of the different materials and different, good or bad gloss, which in turn will affect the quality of texture and color bias. Because different materials, shiny texture of the mold a great influence, even though processed under the same conditions, the effect is not the same. No. 2 5 Total 207 laps texture processing process the mold cavity (2) the mold cavity surface roughness effects on the texture processing. Cavity surface is too rough, the texture processed, this surface state will be reflected on the plastic surface, usually the mold cavity surface roughness Ra <0.8m to get a good machined surface. (3) mT cavity of welding face texture. Part of the welding repair of tooling for texture processing, will appear the phenomenon of uneven depth. When the design changes and other reasons, must be welded, should note the following: ① argon tungsten inert gas shielded arc welding; ② use softer than the wire mold material in the steel can not be welded stainless steel or copper; ③ preheating prior to heat after welding; ④ should not have holes. (4) EDM machining of hardened layer of texture. Most of the mold cavity for forming the surface of processing power, and electrical processing of the cavity surface with a layer of hardened layer, so when the texture is very dense, it will appear the phenomenon of uneven depth. In order to obtain uniform surface texture processing. Processing is required before the mold cavity in the grinding or removal by electrolysis corrosion of power-hardening layer. (5) stripping the depth gradient and texture processing. Stripping the depth gradient and texture will directly affect the processing of plastic parts ejection. Stripping is usually commanded slope is 1, the texture depth of processing up to 0.02ram, but should be based on injection molding conditions, molding materials, plastic wall thickness and height and other factors considered. If the stripping slope too small and the texture processing. Plastic parts may result in seizure occurs when ejection or bleaching and other undesirable phenomena. (6) die after quenching or nitriding processing of texture. After the mold to improve the hardness after quenching, if the texture processing method by acid corrosion, the corrosion rate slows down because, while the double extension of etching time, easily lead to the shedding of acid-resistant film, so that the texture quality. After nitriding the mold parts, while improving the surface hardness, improved corrosion resistance, which is conducted by acid corrosion process is detrimental to the texture, so the heat should be the texture of mold after processing.


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