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ed hardy shop 4

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Based on Pro / E Mold Design front panel display

. Complete simulation of a model, shown in Figure 6. Finally complete the mold assembly shown in Figure 7. Upon completion of three-dimensional mold structure design, it has to generate assembly drawings and the forming mold parts drawing. Injection mold design specifications in accordance with size, tolerance, geometric tolerance, surface roughness, etc. fill in labeling and other technical requirements, and then proofread and make a blueprint of the drawings. After completion of the drawings, to the mold processing, distribution mode, test mode, etc., and finally through the injection molding machine molding plastic parts is recognized by customers after completion of the entire Vice-mold design and manufacturing. A model simulation results in Figure 6 Figure 7 Figure 8 mold structure 1. Moving platen 2. 3 core pulling off ramp. Mandrel 4. Core 5. Locating ring 6. Fixed mold 7. Fixed mold mounting plate 8. Cavity 9. Products 10. Dynamic model plate 11. Cooling system 12. 13 feet. Reset lever 14. Ejector fixing plate 15. Roof 16. Dynamic model of fixed plate 24DieandMouldTechnologyNo1.20073 conclusions Pro / E, surface modeling, solid modeling capabilities, the injection mold cavity and the part design, in particular, the mold parting surface generation, convex and concave shape of cavity, showing Pro / E a unique advantage. In short, the use of Pro / E software to display the front panel injection mold design, can greatly shorten the design time, reduce design costs and improve design accuracy and efficiency. References: E1-] Shu fly. Platinum manual mold design Pro/ENGINEERwildfire2.0 EM]. Beijing: China Electric Power Press,ed hardy shop, 2005. E2-] second-generation Long Zhen studio. Pro/MOLDESIGNwildfire2.0 mold design EM]. Beijing: Electronic Industry Press, 2005. E3] Tian Chunying and so on. Based on Pro / E phone cover injection mold design EJ-]. Die & Mould Industry, 2006, (7) :42-44. [4] Xu Yunjie. Injection Mould Parting Surface Design of holes by the EJ-]. Plastics Industry, 2006,34 (5) :190-194. Es-I Cao Yan et al. Pro/ENGINEERwildfire2.0 precision mold design solution instance [M]. Beijing: Mechanical Industry Press, 2005. (Continued from page 18) even, also increased the degree of deformation of the workpiece, the workpiece straight leading edge of comprehensive and corrugated shape of a bell there. 4 Conclusion After a similar piece on the production tasks of the manufacturing units to conduct research, found that in the initial stages of mold design and use of the form similar to Figure 3, the mold structure, almost entirely by low-strength steel or aluminum alloy bending experience for, not aware of the special high-strength steel in the trial process also exposed the above issues, and some follow-up were improved, while others can not go on to produce a waste of resources to increase the development cycle. Of high strength stainless steel curved shape, has its particularity, can not bend at the low strength stainless steel design experience molding mold design,mulberry väskor, die design should follow the following points. Figure 9, the overall mold structure 1. Punch 2. 3 die paneling. Die body 4. Discharge board (1) and similar large-scale bending of the workpiece the workpiece, the die should be used in the structure of the overall steel casting as well, this can essentially eliminate the mold in the suppression of the deformation to the workpiece during the deformation caused by Figure 4 types of mold structure, the deformation of the mold is difficult to eliminate or reduce to an acceptable range,louboutin københavn, and the shorter the life of the mold, this mold structure is more suitable for small bend in the small batch production of parts and the circumstances under which . (2) In order to ensure the accuracy of the workpiece, the mold must be pressed into the full depth of the workpiece design, that is the end of the pressing process, the workpiece must all be pressed into the straight edge of the die cavity to eliminate the free edge of the workpiece. (3) In the case of a smaller press tonnage of using this piece in the elimination of the improved structure of an ideal spring, the structure is simple,Mulberry tasker, effective. (4) punch clearance must be maintained in the design of the consistency of the punch should be smooth without steps,ed hardy shop, not the structure in Figure 3, it would be difficult to ensure consistency of the size of the workpiece straight edge. (5) the overall design of the die to be taken in the structure shown in Figure 9, the mosaic structure to be able to regularly replace the mosaic panels, to improve die life and lower cost. References: E1-] alloy steel manual preparation group. Manual Volume V alloy stainless steel acid-resistant steel EM]. Beijing: Metallurgical Industry Press, 1983. E2-] WU Shi alcohol. Stamping technology [M]. Xi'an: Northwest Industry University Press, 1987. E3-1 Zhang Bingzhang. Sheet metal stamping die design [M]. Xi'an: Northwest Industry University Press, 1997.


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