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hire is he to hand inmbt shoes sale

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PostWysłany: Sob 10:00, 26 Lut 2011    Temat postu: hire is he to hand inmbt shoes sale

Those who rent a house will look, come from Hefei to buy the message of room net
Mr Zhang installs house village to lease a building through lake of north of intermediary place Nanning after a month, when true landlord is taking house property card to ask for hire to him, other places is informed, the house that he stays in is relet of the person that rent a house nevertheless. And relet person after taking away hire and cash pledge, play rose to be missing,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych] ,, mr Zhang should continue to hire a room to be returned so that make money afresh.
On November 23, how does Mr Zhang occupy an intermediary place in the village through Nanning north lake, hired this village a house. That day his face before intermediary place personnel, with offerred the Xie Mou that rents a house to sign the agreement that rent a house, the chummage that fell 3 months beforehand to the other side is mixed 2400 yuan cash pledge 2000 yuan. Mr Zhang says, as a result of before he also has conducted the business that rent a house in this intermediary place, did not ask landlord produces the relevant material such as house property card, also did not encounter what trouble,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych] ,, when trading this accordingly, he also did not ask.
On December 27, one each says the person that is landlord comes to the rental room of Mr Zhang, want to ask for hire to him. Mr Zhang wondering, hire is he to hand in? How to appear again a landlord comes. "But after the other side shows the certificate such as house property card, land card, I feel I may be cheated. "Mr Zhang says, he and this landlord find intermediary place to seek testimony together, be informed from inside the talk of landlord and intermediary person, what intermediary person knows with him the autograph is made an appointment with all the time is not landlord, "Former landlord or landlady trusts this intermediary place rental house, after be being hired to leave period of time by Xie Mou, pass " of relet of this intermediary place again.
When Mr Zhang dials Xie Mou's telephone, already stopped machine, and landlord asks new collection the cash pledge of Mr Zhang, ask Mr Zhang is in whether does the answer before January 4 continue to be hired next year. Mr Zhang that plan afterwards relet stays in faces the fact that should pay rent twice, he thinks,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych] ,, do not inform as a result of intermediary place know the inside story, the loss that causes to him has cannot the responsibility of evade. "Intermediary place says not to involve his issue, they just provide this platform just. "Mr Zhang says, he signed up for later 110, the policeman enquired to express after the circumstance, this is economic dispute, suggest he walks along judicatory way to solve.
On December 29 morning, mr Zhang goes to reporter be accompanying together this intermediary place, discover this intermediary place does not have suspension any industrial and commercial business charter. This one renown man says, it is them not simply, did not handle card in all intermediary place of this village open, at ordinary times somebody will register rent a house, they contact bilateral autograph to pay about, "Want both sides to approbate only, ask the other side is landlord or sublessor " rarely.
This man admits, as a result of them experience is not worth, did not contact landlord and tripartite of Mr Zhang, Xie Mou to turn over relet matters concerned face to face, let Xie Mou take away the entire section that rent a house and cash pledge, they are willing to bear the partial loss of Mr Zhang, but their income is finite, recoup the total loss of Mr Zhang hard. Subsequently this man looks for a middleaged woman to help plead for mercy for sb, hope landlord and Mr Zhang can each concede one pace.
Landlord plum gentleman says, xie Mou says to want to hire a year formerly, but get on for a few days ago when meeting hire time, he discovers mobile phone of the other side always turns to " secretary to serve " ,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych] ,, come to ask for hire, discover however changed a lodger, intermediary place also did not inform him of the house already the circumstance of relet. Xie Mou ever made 2000 yuan of deposit, but he already had a few months not to hand in property, water and electricity and TV to close inspect cost, what owe charge and cash pledge to offset basically. Mr Li expresses, he won't bear the loss that intermediary place causes to Mr Zhang.
Via talking things over, mr Zhang agrees to make concession, ask the other side helps the rent that pays two months only, other responsibility is found out no longer. Intermediary place agrees at once,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych] ,, neat rent money fills to give for Mr Zhang inside 3 days landlord. see more Information:

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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