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mulberry norge

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Bainitic austempering treatment of the mold

s. fss ~ 5TI18f &% 870 』27. {I. ~ Anvil f. J pan head T Au Point:::: I. :. 1_ c!:: 3W18Cr4V warm forging of steel washing machine brake wheel touched the bainite isothermal quenching washing machine brake wheel, the use of warm forging an extrusion forming, brake wheel material 2O steel, warm forging temperature is known O Tuen Mun, the use of equipment for the 630t metal extrusion machine,ed hardy shop, plastic off graphite lubrication Jing, the use of warm forging die to die on the punch and die at the same time as the role of complex stress, ask for a higher compression strength. In addition, the mold is also heated by the burning of the workpiece to soften and oxidation, ask for a higher red hardness. High-speed steel manufacturing W18Cr4V rejection mode, press the 127O ~ 12g0 ℃ oil Zhangzhou, 560 High Speed ​​Steel for improving the brittleness of W in the upper die of the heat treatment process to 1210 ~ 1220 ℃ Albright off of, 570 ℃ grade 4 ~ 5min 'quenching oil, then process 560 ℃ tempering treatment three times,abercrombie uk, the use of There are upsetting phenomenon, due to the work of some of the outer mold tolerance Korea failure, the service life of 3,000 pieces. True Kin on the mode transition t Industry) 1993. N0.11 General 15g125O ~ l260% heating, 570% Class 6 ~ 8min. Oil quenching, 560 ℃ tempering treatment three times a process can eliminate the use of touch with the heading Ying phenomenon occurred, but the mold is still brittle failure modes of play in the final cracking, life expectancy increased to 4OOO pieces. To further enhance the strength and toughness on the mode, the module can be added pool l240 ~ 125O ℃, 560 ℃ grade 6 ~ 8miii, 7 a 280 ~ 300 ~ C nitrate isothermal 6Oraln, 560% tempering compound 2 to 3 times treatment process. Click on the Process of model contains about 40 ~ 5O of ​​lower bainite with high strength and toughness, and its failure mode to normal wear and tear by the cracking of tolerance, life can be increased to 13,000 ~ 14,000. 'Section No. zCr12MoV crack repair welding of steel molds, Zhijiang TG,, I, V, a first wafer blanking die blade edge in the production process at the cracks, chipping serious, to the production a tremendous impact For this, we use the die repair welding, the effect is very good when a mold problem Crl2MoV welding steel with high hardenability, hardness, wear resistance types of plastic, deformation. But the high-temperature plastic bad. Therefore, when the welding process on the main problem is to avoid stress concentration in weld, weld or plastic apartment will reduce brittleness increases, prone to cracking _ 'pattern. 2Cr12MoV steel welding tests carried out for the first time at welding edge blanking die, a total of three, first to 420% of base metal into the furnace, heated to 500%, immediately remove the welding. Welding using DCRP mood, current use of 90A, the heap 322 welding rod, towel diameter 3.2mm, side by doing welding slag, welding layer 3 to 4 layers, weld the backward heat oven at 200 ℃ for 1h, then polished flat, the grinding machine to the original processing size. After use, high hardness, welding phenomena at the crack is not the same process a second method of welding a 1O block edge block, the effect is still very good, from the trial welding trial and error, on the theoretical issues discussed at the same time the experiment are summarized from this process was the original dish! 【and precautions when welding. 3Crl2Mo ~ 3.1 copper welding process welding preparation box furnace 75kW, wind mill ~ ~ 1oo, templates, base metal,mulberry laukku, an incubator. Electrode dried before use to reduce the amount of hydrogen electrode, basic low hydrogen type electrode commonly used baking temperature of 250 ~ 350%, I bake a 2h, not the electrode to a sudden high temperature into the furnace or sudden cooling, coating to prevent cracking, should be slowly heating, insulation, slow cooling, the drying of the alkali Pi into another low hydrogen type electrode temperature in the 80 to 100% of the oven at low temperature storage, and to-the-box. 3.2 preheating before welding the base metal Crl2JtoV into the box furnace preheated 1Omi11, and maintained at 50O ℃ temperature range of domestic, temperature,ed hardy shop, amount spilled by temperature pen. In addition, when welding thicker the steel workpiece,mulberry norge, the preheating temperature should also appropriately increased. . 3.3 welding process (1) where the breakdown of multi-layer multi-pass welding, each with scattered flowers intermittently short interconnect between the weld Shao, the solder layer is 1 ~ 2mill, shown in Figure 1. (2) The whole / BU welding process will be adopted for rejection of short-arc welding, welding rod makes horizontal swing, the lack of nitrate at the arc, the use of Hua Hu law, Hua Hu length lO ~ 20mm, electrode angle of 76,


Mulberry tasker the weld groove at this time

gorras ed hardy

mulberry sverige Han Chinese

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