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Air Max 90 Current Liang Fang's disappearance

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PostWysłany: Pon 9:12, 14 Lut 2011    Temat postu: Air Max 90 Current Liang Fang's disappearance

reporter's notes
case on October 21, 2010, the Municipal Intermediate People's Court sentenced. 3 accused imprisonment, of which Wang Moukun found guilty of illegal detention, rape, robbery, graft, jailed for 16 years, the other two points were in prison for 12 years.
the first time last summer, leaving
Thus, the sudden disappearance Fang Liang, at first mistaken for the families, she was bad away.

father of her daughter being raped cafes Defeat the enemy

(should be required of respondents, the paper figures are not his real name)
Fang Liang at this time, is a factory worker, the electronic parts in the workshop. Liang Fang from the mouth, people learned that it was her own choice.
Third, Liang Fang favorite dog died. Liang Fang home since the accident, a serious tendency to self-enclosed, weekdays only with a

high a police station, said police have not yet given up looking, but the progress is very limited. The police said they had called for Liang Fang family, launched to find people with them to improve efficiency.

2009 年 3 26, High Town, Low Bay Community Liang Hua Xiong two groups of villagers ( his real name), served in its low-Bay Community adventures cafes, catch three thieves in two, will they seized and turned over to the Community Policing. May 2, Liang Hua these three human revenge, kidnapping the 15-year-old daughter, Liang Fang, beaten and raped by their implementation. May 6 early in the morning, Liang Fang place in the kidnapping, was a kind woman next to relax, take the opportunity to escape.
Liang Fang's disappearance, after a night of searching, we did not find her. At the same time, her clothes are to stay at home, and even shoes no less one.

Jan. 23 afternoon, Dongguan high. Liang Hua catch the thief because the 2009 rape of the daughter was a big hole walls home leave, had not been home for three months.

At first, she did not want to go home with my parents, but refused to explain why. Persuaded by the police after, Liang Fang did not resist. Said Liang Hua, Liang Fang, like the previous post home, reticent, the biggest thing is to cook every day. Fearing she was again run away from home each beam to be locked door to China.
First, a long-term account is not resolved, as Liang Fang siblings of heart disease. Fang's younger brother Leung Lok Leung said, In fact, such feelings are not only the beam of fun, friends and relatives often ask Liang Fang households concerned, the delay is not repeated decisions,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], each time she only complained to his father whispered, Second, Liang Fang
the living environment of extreme depression. Liang Fang after the accident, did not get the commitment by the relevant departments to study the opportunity, did not work, year-round dwelling in a narrow home. Liang Hua said, She is even more difficult to accept, as outsiders pointing scruples, Liang Fang's brother and sister were disgusted with her
Liang Fang was recaptured again after running away from home leave, so that Mr Leung is very sad. How he could not understand why the bad guys in her daughter said, have been brought to justice, she suddenly determined to leave the house? Southern reporter after repeated understanding, informed that there are at least three reasons.

from Mr Leung told the South are the reporter learned, Liang Fang is the first time in mid-August last year, running away from home. Liang Hua said, Ka dinner was more than a dozen in the family and friends, then to the nearby places frequented by Liang Fang search.
have written: Southern Reporter Jia Wang
said Liang Hua, Liang Fang away from home before, he several times asked him to buy a dog,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], but was not found with has not been reached. Juan Xiong said this has led to depressed mood Liang Fang,
why she self-isolation?
beam Father: Find how should I do?

Juan Xiong Liang Hua's wife, recalled that there were relatives and had inadvertently talk about the issue of illegal activities Liang Fang, Liang Fang it makes some unhappy. Liang Hua said, Liang Hua said that as her daughter had also asked, he did not care, hastily replied, Liang recalled his wife, in addition to Liang Fang no longer any exceptions.

■ June 2009, with the After the tragedy, when people think that life gradually restore calm Leong, Liang Fang has run away from home, has been missing for 3 months. Last August, she was the first time the police leave has been recovered together with the relatives. October, Liang Fang not prepared to take advantage of the family, the house took out a hole in the wall, again away from home. As of yesterday, Liang Fang no news, life and death unknown.

Then again, this measure is similar to house arrest, may further stimulate the Liang Fang. October 23, 2010, Liang Fang to the living room door, tap the top of about 2 meters high and the housing walls, clawed a big hole, and then ripped off the original black rubber stick in here, turned out.

As for the Ka and down-home issues of concern from the Town, Women's Federation and family planning to say that, as Liang Huafu woman and has two boys and three girls, there are able to bounce problems, home programs there is a certain degree of difficulty. Today, Liang Hua five children account problem is not resolved, Liang Fang ran away from home before the school has not achieved a dream. Dilapidated house repairs at their own expense by Leong, only the improved situation.

recovered after the encounter More than 10 days, Liang Fang located in communities with low triple junction of Sunrise Bay Community electronics factory, and two civilian women were found Lianghua Fu. At that time, Liang Fang still wearing the red T shirt when away from home,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], naked feet stood the factory's gate. To see the family, Liang Fang subconsciously to distance running. Not 50 meters, she was four under the cut together.
Last night, Mr Leung called the reporters by telephone. Over the phone, who just turned 50 years old Liang Hua, a hoarse voice said, He said,

a neighbor said that he had seen in the vicinity of Liang Fang Yue Yuen factory workers, but Liang Hua Yue Yuen factory to find over and over, did not see his daughter. Not only that, Mr Leung also riding a bike can be described as a bunch of Lantie motorcycle, almost running across the high, but it is ushered in by the traffic police stopped several times due to 禁摩.

Liang Hua said at least 16 years old this year, Liang Fang, the only way home, I'm afraid to help light a fire to cook, nest in the house to avoid gossip outsiders. However, this can only deepen her sense of oppression.
the case after this newspaper reported, the cause of the wrath of the city of Dongguan. Party Secretary Liu Zhigeng given instructions Lianhu In subsequent processing, the city sent courageous Liang Hua Foundation 8 million emergency cash. Liang Hua is expressed three wishes: First, I hope the police solve the case as soon as possible to avoid further retaliation family. Second is that the Government can solve the five children to read and account issues. Third, I hope the Government can help to repair their own dangerous. Department heads to face the media, then said he

her down the wall, bare feet ran out of the alley and disappeared in the crowd. Liang Huafu this scene told a neighbor woman,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], multi-family re-search without result.

At the same time, economic pressure continuously stimulated Liang couples. Liang Hua cafes still do security, and sweeping his wife only 2,000 yuan monthly salary, to pay four children. In order to make more money looking for Liang Fang, who recently took from a nearby garment factory cutting thread of the job, cut a piece of clothing income 2 cents. In order to have more revenue, 22:00 to 8 am, a security guard of Mr Leung. Other time is cut thread, how almost no sleep.
interview, Mr Leung said more than once, the But he also admits,
Photo: Southern Reporter Yi-Kai
Liang Fang's four brothers and sisters, in her home, she began to miss the good of her. Only as a sister, long-term Biequ Liang Fang, and perhaps do not want to re-enter their line of sight.

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