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mbt scarpe prezzi Differential Treatment of lumbar

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PostWysłany: Nie 2:46, 27 Lut 2011    Temat postu: mbt scarpe prezzi Differential Treatment of lumbar

Differential Treatment of 58 cases of lumbar disc herniation

5 cases ~ i / J'b deposition treatment of the disease 185 cases, a satisfactory effect, are reported as X-ray diagnosis of Was the next. In many hospitals treatment (drug name unknown), the effect is poor. 15 July 1996, a clinical event type ... .... Zhou ..., lattice window, Yu Wang cup summer I. . As wife material. . Cases, Mexico: Kui 99;-q month 0k. Later. :. ~ Pain I clearly tt. . : Stupid:; those who are oldest 78 years old, the smallest in 45 years of age; the longest duration of 15 years, ~''... one by one. A ... ~ '... ... one. Shortest one by one in January. 83 cases of knee osteoarthritis, cervical bone hyperplasia 4 of 54 cases discussed, lumbar spine bone hyperplasia in 38 cases, the other 10 cases. Hyperplasia is a degenerative bone disease, more common in 45-year-old V2_E1.2 diagnosis based on clinical manifestations of osteoarthritis pain, living in the elderly, often due to wind cold dampness evil servant or block the meridians or damage, increased dynamic stasis by x-ray diagnosis. Block induced by blood. The main bone of the motherland medicine kidney, liver Zhu Jin, mother and child treatment phase 2, students, fine homologous blood, who had middle-aged and kidney essence waning,-rJ Yang empty Oral side: long-nosed pit viper 10g 10g black snake centipede 2 Shu, barrier dysfunction, and other evils Cheng Xu cold phlegm into the joints, leaving the system Chuanwu Tianqi 6g 6g. Joint research to fine, 6 times blunt, served on the go, phlegm and blood stasis cement, El for a long time to form bone spurs, blocked in the meridians, then 3 times. Canadian blood services are weak Ba Zhen Tang; kidney were added service Liuwei pain, numbness, acid, expansion embolism stacks up, its the responsibility of the kidney, and whose responsibility the yellow soup; liver and kidney blood who are virtual add services Sanbi soup. External application of self-made soft-kin in the phlegm and blood stasis. The author used in the clinical Qufengchushi, blood circulation,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], ointment: Clematis 6g 20g nosed pit viper 2 Blood Kin Sanjie musk 2g, nourishing the liver and kidney method of treatment. Oral prescription nosed pit viper, black beads borneol 6g a system of Radix 15g 20g 10g Dioscorea nipponica system dhumnades, centipedes Qufeng network; Panax blood stasis, pain; Chuanwu warm the wood turtle Strychnos 6g 10g. In addition to borneol, musk, the total into powder and to relieve pain, Qufengchushi. With various drugs, expelling wind and dampness, activating blood boil network only sesame oil sauce, cream and broader Dan received, after adding coolish musk, borneol. To treating the symptoms of pain, Qi and blood, liver and kidney tonic to cure the present. The soft-paste method is strong: affixed to the affected area, dressing 1 day,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], 4 weeks for a course of treatment. The musky aroma, blood stasis and pain relief, Tom Lee joints, combined with borneol 3 lE pain treatment outcomes enhanced role, and cited the drug directly to disease; mountains dragon, nosed pit viper, the standard system 3.1 effective cure: Clinical symptoms disappeared, followed for 2 years without contact Radix Qufeng pain; Clematis, a Pearl Vision Meridian, cartilage recurrence; improvement: improvement of clinical symptoms; invalid: no effect on clinical symptoms; Blood Xiaoyu Sanjie: wood turtle swelling and pain Sanjie; Strychnos through improvements. The lE pain. Clinical observations show that in this group. 3.2 using the method of combining internal and external treatment outcome in 185 patients in this group, 126 cases were cured, improved treatment of bone hyperplasia, there are indeed significant effect and is worthy of promotion. Lumbar disc herniation mainly for low back pain, sciatica, nearly 90% of clinical patients with its prominent location in the disc after the foreign. After the sudden compression resulting in spinal intervertebral disc and posterior longitudinal ligament causing inflammation around the nerve root and causing pain and edema and exudation, therefore, patients can limit the progression of the disease needs to rest,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and lumbar nerve root of the channel is very narrow, any acute and chronic injury and is not conducive to the waist and the small joints and soft tissue repair and other factors, can lead to degenerative changes and disc space narrowing increased, thereby increasing the nerve root compression. The disease is the motherland medicine The etiology of yin and yang, qi and blood wasting, organs dysfunction, coupled with the trauma, chronic strain is closely related to invasion of wind cold dampness. Its pathogenesis are: (1) yin and yang imbalance, liver and kidney loss, the body upright weakness, resistance, reduced immunity to the clinical symptoms appear. (2) lack of blood, qi is not shipped, blood stagnation meridians, blood is not glory, tendons dystrophy is paralysis pain. (3) organs dysfunction, abnormal movements, air-transport of the negative,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the skin, numbness, pain, physical activity limitation. (4) Without a solid outside Wei, Ying and Wei disharmony, exogenous evils from the table into the inside, block the meridians, not General pain,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the condition worsened, hard to be cured. Therefore, I believe that as long as the clinical syndrome of the disease accurately, methods and drugs used properly, completely received very good treatment.
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