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christian louboutin scarpe Bailout save the econom

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PostWysłany: Wto 13:12, 19 Kwi 2011    Temat postu: christian louboutin scarpe Bailout save the econom

Bailout save the economy?

Bailout save the economy? <ul id=I almost have to watch every night on Wall Street winds CCTV special program. But to see a lot more do not know why, I would think that there is nothing wrong on Wall Street, it is now presented to us is a financial and economic laws. To me, the Wall Street financial move in fact tell us the truth, that is, do not try to use a totem to the ideal of self-perfection; do not try to save with a political basis for the existence of life.
I did not study economics, the theory of the economy are highly almost do not understand. But I know, the economy of a society, but it also can reveal a boring society. Economic development of the financial crisis may also be an inevitable process. I remember I read about in books forties century global financial gale that field, so that the billionaire changed without a single cent of the poor. Many people can not afford that this sudden huge blow, as much as many will say goodbye to life.
today may not have that kind of thing happened. But that rose to an unprecedented level of oil for a while, while they fall to know what to do. While the price of gold hit a record high, while another fell to the lowest level for months. Even the fourth-largest U.S. bank said on bankrupt bankruptcy, among the world seems to have lost a certain balance, as if a little hack that field we have recently heard about the earthquake.
Russia plunged the city a few days, has allowed those in power can only be done off-panel to resist. Of course, the U.S. economy with a large number and the rest is obviously mad today's economy can not quell. Some time ago, President Bush proposed a seven hundred billion dollars bailout plan. First, toss a half-day in the Senate, and finally did not pass. For the U.S. political and economic think I did some for the kind of endlessly debate how much they have some used to. House and Senate passed
later, as if back to the feeling of a very public pool. However, the understanding of U.S. society will know, in the United States, once the form of a resolution that will be as a great power. The year when the United States in sending troops to Iraq, both houses of Congress is controversial. Vote even when the war party seems to have a few more votes. At that time the world, including Saddam Hussein himself would mistakenly believe that even the United States can not achieve unity, so the war would not have any real progress. But when the war broke out, the United States have shocked even the unity of the people,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], especially when the House and Senate and then additional military spending, even there will be unanimously agreed.
This is the beauty of politics, but also the idea of ​​the U.S. government. Today Bush's bailout plan is also a triple, anyway, finally passed. Today saw a message that as long as signed by President Bush can take effect. The face of worldwide economic crisis, I think the attitude of the United States is worth so praised. Some said the financial crisis is the fault of the United States, the United States should have their own commitments. But let me say that in today's economic globalization process, who in the end is the mainstay? Who is the culprit in the end it?
the United States shot, at least in my sleep for the worldwide financial crisis,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], we have finally reached a turning point possible. Economy, after all, not politics, not to talk about great, prevarication about the people, meaning spirit of what people can get away. Because high-profile political survival is always the quality of the temporary structure of life is not threatened. Economy is the social existence of a substance the most simple and practical reasons. It is a process of social progress and retrogression of the scale.
Sometimes I think too much of value in the power of the spirit. This of course inseparable from our national culture. Admittedly, the historical process, sometimes on the interpretation of the spirit is really making great extent to the board. I do not want to denigrate the power of the spirit, I just think things should be a law of development of material as the basis. Between Saddam Hussein sent troops to Kuwait for a year, even a sovereign home to change their nineteenth province. In the pattern in today's society, so obviously can not be as fair.
also speak at the time, it can be said that, in the end to the power of the world paid the price as this robber. I say no other meaning, that is to say, then wonderful, and not a small step in high-profile action. Strictly speaking, the financial crisis was not the fault of a home. Since the US-funded seven hundred billion U.S. dollars to be able to save the financial market, since few can be considered to have brought a trace of caught in the quagmire of the spirit of their expectations.
on the capital market, remember that I also wrote a lot of text, although the capital of the economy I am a layman, but the reality of the destruction does not make me feel a little bitter. Less than a year, the vote fell from over six thousand eighteen hundred point point. Many of the assets of more than seventy percent reduction. Can be so terrible that some said the scene but was not in what happens to economic fundamentals. I do not know what kind of economic fundamentals,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], I just see the money the year before but there was still more than five pound, twelve dollars has now been changed a pound. Fuel also rose sixty percent. Under the Dayton former restaurant, it hundred dollars, but now it is not get out of the second three hundred came. Side of the road is the shoeshine, prices rose a dollar from the original two dollars.
have to ask, what is the reality? Let me say, this is the reality. Because these things are related to the public life of the people. As for the Olympics, God seven days, maybe they bring is a spirit, a political totem. Today Network Chong, see a post that seven hundred billion U.S. dollars the United States can not save the U.S. economy. Heart could not help secretly amused. Seven hundred billion U.S. dollars will not save the U.S. economy, how much money you can save the economy? !
hear now do a good job in response to the financial crisis, seems to be a variety of plans. Speaking of the plans, I also wrote the text. Today, the bureaucracy, popular plan, the number of level plans starting at every turn. Wenchuan earthquake, almost all of our plans have been activated. But the soul of eighty-nine million lives will never know what is plan. Sanlu milk powder is a problem, seems to have started the emergency pre-security, but more than ten thousand babies have problems, do not know the plan to give them what life on behalf of the poor.
very early, I read Bo Yang wrote,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], But today it seems, Bo Yang was very wise. At least he lets us understand the root causes of today what happened. Rescue operations at home there, and we have to make irresponsible remarks. We took out the fact that I played real dog, not the role of plans to more than boast great length. I do not know of such a pompous, self-deception when the deception of the trick to be considered is to do.
perhaps seven hundred billion U.S. dollars will not save the U.S. economy, but the spirit of the United States is indeed the kind of pragmatism we need to understand. Do not make things out of ideology, saying something to drink at home. What is the milestone at every turn, every turn is what epoch. God seven days to celebrate, but we make it all the power of a what, what the act, so how much are some heart sound sour.
I did not intentionally pay tribute to the United States, home sixties and seventies of last century took to send the moon. But even our media has said that it was a plan, there may be false. I do not know is how in the in the end, why did the total use to measure the reality of today's home repair it. Like today, the economic crisis, the world would have to do it,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], but we always said is the responsibility of the United States. Since it is the responsibility of the United States, our economy and capital markets also followed the family financial ruin how do co-exist?
We often say that household has completed a hundred years of economic history, we would be finished a few years. But I think our people five thousand years of history known as Is being in a vacuum and castles in the air? We can think of history, you can also finish. Absolutely can not go more than right. Because that effect can only be created out of Lu Xun Ah Q.
can not deceive the self-deception. No matter how kind the United States at home, no matter where the U.S. economy to the last, has started to move home. I would like to existence and development of the world are from the action. There would be no action there. Without the existence of the spirit but also what is it? Why the political but also a good cargo?
good reduction over hundreds of millions of capital markets. We still have that pattern of the bull market has not fundamentally changed. Home out of the dollar, we are irresponsible remarks. I think the dollar is a little less, for the financial markets, I am afraid I do not know much better times than the plan.
In fact, now, we do not need to listen to what is lying, then we just careful to feel it. If you really want out of those boring political and didactic, that is, we should be brave to face reality and admit the reality of the soul to bring disaster to the people.
I do not know the financial crisis in the end what will be developed, and finally to the people what kind of misfortune and disaster. But I know the current reality, to learn to share the fruits of economic development, it can only be that crazy dream, wishful thinking. Or the real thing, because real, possible from a free society to inevitable. That it is pragmatic, not to mention the number of Olympic medals earned, or take a look at the bowl in the end people have a few. Home alone beauty, or really serious talk about our own bar!
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