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tory burch flats Service Corner _5363

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Dołączył: 29 Paź 2010
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PostWysłany: Pią 12:21, 31 Gru 2010    Temat postu: tory burch flats Service Corner _5363

Service Corner

Resistance bed reactor, space velocity, high production capacity,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], energy use is reasonable, is a more promising fixed bed reactor,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], can be used in the synthesis of nitrogen, methanol, carbon monoxide conversion process, organic Taiwan materials, and other strong exothermic hydrogenation reaction. Chifeng tube liquid distributor disc invented inventor of East China University of units such as the utility model designed Li Yuan, a distributor disc Chifeng pipe cover themselves in this disc Chifeng tube of liquid distributor has set on the chassis teeth hit the lift tube. The liquid flow rate v and the effective solution on the chassis height h of the 11 th power is proportional to (1.5 ≤ n, 56 smelters and purification plantar Technology for Waste - Non-steady state SO: conversion of industrial display technology JIc Ji Pa work child compared with traditional technologies. The result has the following advantages: catalytic reactor and regenerator with the dual function of heat transfer, without additional heat exchanger to achieve self-heating operation,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], reduce investment and energy consumption; to achieve low-temperature chemical reactions and even room old woman ; of low concentration so,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], NOx, lI: S and volatile organic units vocl matter) emissions treatment is particularly effective. After a systematic theory and pilot study. Four structural design of non-steady state converter. With independent intellectual property rights, forming a perfect computer simulation software. Reached the international advanced level s0: tiny pieces in the design of recovery under the 94% = sulfuric acid plant in the Smelter or promote the use of waste gas treatment. Three pressurized side of the bed way ketone ethylene oxide synthesis study of reaction engineering in the use of the basic principles of leaning and the silver catalyst and the kinetics of the intrinsic basis. Developed a three-phase laboratory research techniques. Complete love gas phase phase) screening guillotine set the Hui phase viscosity, density, surface tension and specific heat capacity and other basic physical data,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], complete the corresponding hydrodynamic conditions banquet experience of it, gas for a solid and the gas of a week transition phase synthesis of ethylene oxide bed parallel experiments show that: in the same feed gas composition and pressure. Close to the conversion conditions, the three-phase to the selectivity of ethylene oxide units into gas-solid reactor is higher than 3%. The laboratory research has reached the international advanced level to further expand the test. Synthesis of ethylene oxide can be applied to ethylene oxide. Large axial and radial hydrogen fu Ao B (the whole bit) research reactor cold borer boron purpose of this research project is 3 million tons of industrial-scale production plant on the basis of successful implementation of large-scale development of ethylbenzene dehydrogenation reactor through large Study of cold touch to the fixed-bed reactor shaft geographical distribution of fluid sets Jing real engineering problems, including fluid bed and the catalyst in the catalytic two-dimensional flow state seal; catalyst bed closures in the business of the radial two-dimensional fluid flow ; conical fluid distribution device on the role of uniform distribution of fluid; a variety of catalyst support component of the evaluation to find shaft to the reactor body fluid characteristics of the distribution of surplus control units combed the project management measures. In order to ensure the reactor ethylbenzene deoxy state in the long period Sheng good and stable operation, while the small axial-radial reactor for the production and operation cycle of load change and other factors before and after the catalyst deposition adaptability. Successful establishment of the shaft to the two-dimensional flow flow flow model and two-dimensional heterogeneous reactor model to be reached international advanced level: in the ethylbenzene dehydrogenation plant in the petrochemical industry to further promote the use of <31. So. Its operating flexibility will be greatly improved. Uniform distribution of both liquid and gas pressure drop, no congestion, no entrainment speech advantages. Can be applied to all types of random packing and structured packing tower liquid distribution is conducive to distillation, air stripping and absorption process of gas-liquid mass transfer operation carried out: one additional gas pulse device made trickle-bed reactor East China University of incubation units and other inventors Jiang Zhengxing present invention discloses an additional gas pulse device of the trickle-bed reactor. Its features are: Mi Chong air flow meter connected to the solenoid valve by the end of the electromagnetic valve to control the termination control circuit, the other end of the solenoid valve pulse of gas through the reactor bypass pipe connected to the upper mouth of the gas feed . Pulse stream by forcing the present invention produced a strong body of turbulent two-phase flow and mixing. Improve the uniform and two-phase fluid heat and mass transfer characteristics of the reactor's overall performance to improve. That improves the response of the reactor and the reaction conversion rate. A metal carrier and motor vehicle exhaust purification catalyst preparation methods. Unit of East China University of enamel invention inventor Wei-Yong, etc. The invention relates to a motorcycle exhaust purification catalyst and its preparation method, which discloses a metal carrier from the active component and catalytic Jing posed by the metal wall and catalytic layer with the integration of motor vehicle exhaust purification catalyst. The catalyst is easily processed into complex shapes. High mechanical strength, thermal properties, and can adapt to the needs of different circumstances, is a prospect with a wider use of motor vehicle exhaust purification catalyst.
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