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new balance outlet Hematology professional army of

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Hematology professional army of the fourth Review Conference Papers

Lead cut comb and other treatment, is effective. * General Hospital of PLA 475 Hospital bone marrow transplant patients concluded the diet nursing: @ sterile diet, light, high-protein high-vitamin diet @} @ Eat small meals often, liquid, semi-environmental quality;} @ West intravenous hyperalimentation to enhance psychological care. (Sound of Hang Wang finishing flat) Chinese PLA Second Committee's first medical professional academic exchange meeting military base medical professionals appointed second collapse of traditional Chinese medicine for the first time in 1992 Symposium l0 5 to 9 at the First Military Medical held at the University. A total of 140 exchange of the General Assembly papers, and invited three experts to the report. session rich paper, barrier face, head Po join the army reflects the Chinese medicine research in the field of professional level, many of which reached the national papers or the advanced level within the military, and have distinct characteristics, can be summarized as follows 5 aspects. First, insist on playing Chinese characteristics, in order to improve the clinical efficacy as the center of the diseases of internal medicine have a larger sample of radiation-bed observation and experiment. 140 paper, aiming for the heart disease, digestive diseases, feces excretion reproductive system diseases, connective tissue diseases, blood diseases, endocrine and metabolic diseases, traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis, care, and have a bath into a wider study, highlighting the diagnosis and treatment based, so that the clinical efficacy of continuous improvement and the development of Chinese medicine theory. If Zhao Guanying and other reports with the American ginseng, astragalus,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Qi Zi and other components of the wasting occurs righteousness, evil intrusion. Gastrointestinal symptoms during chemotherapy, bone marrow dysfunction is Poison chemotherapy and therefore spleen and kidney,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], spleen and kidney should be based. praise wet, multi-stasis academic point of view. Second, adhere to the western end units, cured by modern science side of medicine. especially the use of electron microscopy, the blood glistening change, immunology, micro-circulation, the pulse diagram, heart impedance circle, a variety of indicators of animal experiments to study the mechanism of Chinese silent disease and treatment. such as Zhang Dai reports of gastrointestinal hormones and the relationship between spleen deficiency, that the spleen deficiency syndrome of various different levels of gastrointestinal hormones. Chensu Yun reported 120 cases of tongue pathology in patients with coronary heart disease , pulse and the experimental results, that the left ventricular diastolic function and vascular dysfunction, hemodynamic changes, give rise to pathological indicators of tongue and pulse and abnormal pathophysiological basis. research into micro-macro research to enhance the research level. Third, carry forward the Chinese advantage, focus on the difficult treatment card. If Huang Shilin report based medicine, integrative medicine in the treatment of promyelocytic leukemia in 24 cases, 23 cases of complete remission, 95.8%, which Chinese Medicine Treatment of 16 cases,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the Ministry of barrier mitigation. Xu Xiang-Lin reported an integrated treatment '= 1698 cases of cholelithiasis treated attack, a sensitivity rate of 998 percent, behind stone rate of 958 percent, behind the net rate of 77%. Xiao light ride report of epilepsy education weight loss. Huyong Xin Qi and Activating Blood on the report such as superoxide ion has a strong clear functional role, so as to Yiqihuoxue Treatment of arrhythmia after myocardial infarction provided a pharmacodynamic basis. Fourth, attention to Chinese Nursing Research. For a long time , Chinese nursing research is relatively weak. boast into pleased that in recent years, investment in heavy military nurses in nursing care and active in Chinese studies, and achieved certain results. If the conference received 24 papers Chinese nursing , representing the General Assembly, London's 17.1% of total papers on phlebitis, bedsores, schizophrenia, depression suppression card, rheumatoid, coronary heart disease, liver cirrhosis, uremia and other Chinese made a lot of care point of view or new ideas experience. If the report shows good Tuan Tu Jing Sanjie treatment with 89 cases of 726 veins because of chemotherapy-induced aseptic inflammation, with a positive effect, there to promote inflammation subsided, soften blood vessels, smooth flow and other effects with clinical application. five, active academic atmosphere, and promote academic prosperity. In papers submitted at the same time Mao, the delegates were serious discussion, thinking, of reply,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], to discuss, it fully reflects the kinds of flowers, competition, academic democracy approach,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], with a strong academic atmosphere, which is very valuable. (Luo Yan Chen Baotian order)
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