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clarks shoes outlet TCM treatment of bile reflux g

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PostWysłany: Nie 2:45, 27 Lut 2011    Temat postu: clarks shoes outlet TCM treatment of bile reflux g

TCM treatment of bile reflux gastritis 56 Cases

: The main clinical symptoms or partial disappearance of a large number of endoscopic reflux into the quantity,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], or the content into a small} is invalid: no improvement of clinical symptoms,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], endoscopic reflux unchanged. Course of 4 to 6 weeks,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], 1 week after treatment,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], repeated endoscopy. Treatment results of a clinical treatment to cure the drum of 56 down in the accounting l8ff ~ J 32.14; markedly 2l cases, 37.5; effective l4 cases accounted for 25.0, 8 cases accounted for the total effective rate 94.64 5.36} . Second,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the results of an endoscopy. Endoscopic bile regurgitation: a large number of reflux in 18 cases before treatment, disappeared after treatment, or mitigation, efficient loo; in the amount of regurgitation in 25 cases, 23 cases of 92.0 effective} pour a small amount of reflux l3, l2 cases effectively 92.3. 2. Endoscopic pyloric shape and opening and closing cases: Table 1. Qiu H. 1 treatment before and after the endoscopic changes () of i :1-H value of BAO (mm ~ l / h) blue light backache (g / b) Note. t hang test P <O. O5 school hoop stretch of Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine 1993 16 4 Third, the results of treatment of gastric pathology after living there were two superficial compared the pathological data in 22 cases, 12 cases improved. Among them, 13 patients with severe gastritis into mild and moderate in 7 patients} 6 patients with moderate to severe atrophic gastritis into 3 cases of mild or superficial; 3 cases of superficial an atrophic gastritis, 2 cases turned CSG} before and after treatment showed no significant difference. Mouth, stomach waves pH, BAO, three hydroxyl acid change in Table 2. Fifth, improvement of symptoms before and after treatment, 26 patients suffered vomiting after treatment, followed by 4,8,2,2}} 21 cases of cold syndrome patients before treatment, patients with epigastric pain l6, l9 cases full of mole, hot 12 cases, the Pan-l4 spit water back after treatment were 3,5,2,5 cases. x test before and after treatment was significant difference compared (P <0.05). The shortest course of 21 days, the longest 44 days, an average of 36 days} in which the main symptoms of 80 patients 14 to 21 days based on l the ease or disappear. Xiao Yan discussion bile reflux is a technology since the advent of gastroscopy a new topic. Ancient Chinese medicine, although not the disease name in the record, but by the early period, including the disease to recognize Ruoyin gallbladder real fire, the fire forced the virtual overflow of bile, or stomach disharmony down, relying on bile Shangni, can lead to bile reflux into the stomach, burns the context of the stomach, while the performance of waiting for stomach symptoms, we believe that the cause of this disease is mainly due to cases, of which, in the amount of regurgitation in 43 cases, treated effectively in 41 cases, 53 cases of an effective 77.35 total. Tip of the prescription has strong inhibitory effects reflux, especially for large, in the amount of regurgitation was better than good. endoscopy in patients with Helicobacter pylori was seen under both the opening and closing non-performing, and even showed a continuous open state, which is the main cause reflux. Therefore, to improve the treatment of pyloric function is an important measure of bile reflux. rate group of patients taking traditional Chinese medicine , the pyloric opening and closing function was improved, suggesting that the role of herbs and their inhibition of bile reflux improved total pyloric function. pyloric no significant difference in shape before and after treatment, it seems related with a shorter course of treatment. alkaline duodenal bile and other fluids reflux into the stomach, the stomach's acidic environment destroyed, so that the stomach pH, the three hydroxyl acid content increased, basic acid (BAO) decreased. Therefore, fasting gastric juice pH values, BAO, three hydroxyl content of bile wake of this disease clinical diagnosis of a certain value. through two of 19 patients before and after treatment test showed that fasting gastric juice: the recipe has a lower pH value of gastric juice and three hydroxyl acid content and increase the role of gastric acidity} but its mechanism is through inhibition of reflux, change the gastric environment, or regulating the secretion of gastric parietal cells function, pending further discussion. matrine decoction is based on the BRG Endoscopic gastric mucosal lesions and the group of local parties. This prescription is able to clear bile and stomach, regulating stomach and gall bladder function, reflects the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine differentiation of macro-inflammatory I can cuticle, the treatment of local inflammatory mucosal lesions, highlighting the local microscopic debate the advantages of disease, the observation of clinical cases, results were satisfactory.
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