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christian louboutin scarpe Change the water story

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To change the story of water

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  a Sunday, old Guo knocked on my door. See me after two invoices from his pocket, started out to me: ?
  our district, each building a total water meter, a few average time to pay water charges, two months to pay once. Moved to the earlier residents live, have their own money carved out from the summary table, so how much to pay their own number. We now only the third floor of this building,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], fourth floor, sixth floor (her son) and I did not point out four, so this total cost of the table for us to split the four.
  To know the change subdivision, and really thank her for reminding me.
  so we four share a water meter.
  after some days, the square in the district met the old Guo: washing water can be wasted. I do not care about.
  time, I sat in the pavilion to rest, old Guo just come from the outside, to see me after work to ask me something, then asked me: right? up and down the dirty kind of have to give one to the figurines. ? I think old Guo
  nice man, very considerate person.
  wife in the countryside, a school teacher, every morning to evening, the family's clothes piled a lot, I do not want to wash, no option but to buy a washing machine. Washing machine delivered,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the old Guo just downstairs: come, then go with it.
  has to pay the water bill the day, old Guo find me: how much money. two, the intersection to let his family and more? As long as no opinion on the line, I'm afraid you're angry, neighbors, village's, when many poor?
  But one day come across the fourth floor of the neighbors, I know old Guo,
  eyes and I said, I have more water? I say that? I always said in front of them two things, I see. My neighbor said that water is mainly used to decorate the house I floor tiles, are now is not at all to live, I have out of the water,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], she said I water more than what basis?
  hear that a neighbor,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], said that both of our two months of water did not intend to let you out, but she does not agree, the total water that you decorate the house more. You did not come in, we both get a few dollars more each month. You do not know what really have a lot. She lives on the second floor, the child did not live in the sixth floor it? Her home, where his son got clothes to wash, boil water for cooking what, are secretly at night to pick up her son there. One night, when the upstairs downstairs for water, accidentally fell down upstairs and called to the broken leg ... ...
  Since then I found out what kind of old Guo is people.
  We have long and she is not separated from ... ... Well,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], well, you do not say, turned away. I thought to myself no longer with her son with a general statement, that is to spend more money, I would like to single out households, to save her all these things that matter.
  handed over those two months the water, I found the water company, to apply the
  A week later, the company changed the table to come to us, and to change the table in the day, listening to workers, the master said, they went to her house, she was sitting in her son's home in the laundry. Neighbors have also seen, said the most that day was her day clothes.
 
 

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