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Jordan 13 Clinton's Farewell Campaign Speech Hilla

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PostWysłany: Wto 16:46, 24 Maj 2011    Temat postu: Jordan 13 Clinton's Farewell Campaign Speech Hilla

Hillary Clinton made her own little piece of U.S. history on 7th June, 2008, on the podium at the National Building Museum, to announce that her quest for the presidency was finally over.
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Obama Leads South Carolina Polls
Clinton Wins New Hampshire Primary
Obama Says Thank You to Clinton
On his website,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Obama is quoted as paying tribute to his Democratic Party colleague, "I honor her today for the valiant and historic campaign she has run. She shattered barriers on behalf of my daughters and women everywhere, who now know that there are no limits to their dreams."
Making history with her election to the U.S. Senate in 2000, the former first lady spoke of her campaign to run for president, both as a mother and a daughter, and as the wife of only the second Democratic president in the last 40 years. Media reaction to her speech revealed that her impassioned delivery won her the support of some of her skeptics, who had previously branded her as “just another Clinton.” She proved she was tough enough to take the knocks; inspiring women everywhere not to give up on their dreams — and was magnanimous in defeat.<
Farewell Campaign Speech Inspires Women the World Over
Senator Clinton Endorses Obama
Clinton had previously “been criticized for what was seen by some as a lack of grace in her speech on Tuesday after the last primaries were held and victory clinched for Mr Obama.”, said the BBC News, article, "Hillary Clinton&rsquo;s Emotional Ending" of 7th June, 2008.
In the past 16-months she made an effort to keep her Democratic Primary campaign non-controversial, which at times meant she had to stifle her own heartfelt feelings, and dampen-down her experiences as a woman; robbing her of the magic that she revealed on 7th June. Whether the primaries would have taken a different turn, had she shown this more personable side of herself earlier in the campaign, will never be known. However, she did win the New Hampshire 2008 Democratic Primary after an uncharacteristic display of emotion.
Ironically, in defeat, she showed a side to her,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], which may have just led to this being her finest hour (so far). Championing the cause for women everywhere, Clinton was now free to voice her real thoughts and emotions, in an area where, previously she had had to hold back for fear of alienating potential voters who were skeptical about a woman becoming commander-in-chief.
Able to move away from her previous “safe” campaign message of strength and experience,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych],[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], (as according to the New York Times poll of July 2007, 51 percent of women said that Clinton's gender would have no impact on their vote), Senator Clinton showed her commitment to women voters in a warm and humane speech. Rather than being just a politician who happened to be female, this time she showed the world that she was also proud to be someone, who had a dream of no longer just being a first lady, but of becoming the President of the United States. In her concesssion speech, she wholeheartedly endorsed Barack Obama; who in turn recognized her pledge of support by placing a picture of the Senator on his website, and encouraging his supporters to send messages of thanks.
In doing so she not only united women of America but created a strong and positive role-model for women around the globe, who could not help but be affected by her impassioned speech. Whether they be African, Asian, Arabic or Caucasian, Hillary Rodham Clinton&rsquo;s speech struck a chord with those women who have had to fight against sexism, or struggled to support a family, unable to afford health care and trying to make ends meet.

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